Source: Orange County Register (CA) 
Pubdate:  27 May 1998


It's comforting to know that we have drug warriors like Officer Jeffrey
Ferguson of Santa Ana out there deciding for themselves which laws to
enforce ["a dopey law," Talk Show, May 7]. He lumps together into one group
California voters and marijuana zealots. This self-serving construction
explains that police and prosecutors are opposed to this law because it was
"poorly reasoned...."

Someone should let Officer Ferguson know that the citizens of California
are fed up with the war on marijuana. There is no more eloquent testimony
to the failure of this poorly reasoned and constructed war than the
availability of marijuana in federal an state prisons right beneath the
guard towers. With 40 to 50 percent of state and federal prison populations
consisting of marijuana growers and users, this is big business, along with
the unconstitutional asset forfeiture laws, a big favorite of the drug

We don't need more drug laws and warriors. We need more law enforcement
officers responding to violent crime unless, of course, there is not enough
violent crime in Santa Ana to keep Officer Ferguson busy. Lastly, someone
should tell officer Ferguson that the job of law enforcement is "to
enforce" the law, not interpret it.

Jeff Spicole
Huntington Beach 
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Checked-by: Richard Lake