Pubdate: Tue, 09 Jun 1998
Source: Evening News (Norwich UK) 


I was surprised to read Jack Woods of the Veterans' Association (Evening
News June 4 "War Vets in Wreath Row"), saying that he can't see the link
between the War on Drugs and the Second World War against the Nazis.

If, like millions, he had decided to use cannabis recreationally, in
preference to alcohol, or medicinally, in preference to pills, and had he
been unfortunate enough that the police had found out, he may well
appreciate the difference.

Cannabis users, like the persecuted Jews, homosexuals and so on in Germany
and elsewhere, have no victims for their so-called 'crime'. Hitler destroyed
drug-takers lives too!

Both the UK and American Governments, amongst others, have made their
efforts at decreasing drug taking into a 'War'.

In the Far East they still execute drug users and in the United States there
are people serving life sentences for using small amounts or marijuana.

There was no real justification for policy of the Nazis and there is no real
justification for modern anti-drug policy.

Some very addictive and poisonous substances - like alcohol and tobacco -
are legal whilst other very safe substances - like cannabis - are banned.

My own father fought in the War against the same sort of tyranny which the
present drug-laws represent.

He fought for freedom of choice and freedom of religion and lifestyle,and
for health and education.

Victory led to the UN charter of Human Rights, which guaranteed those rights.

However, we still do not have them.

The War on Drugs is a war on select people who are different to the 'norm'.

It should be resisted at all costs.

I can only congratulate Jack Girling and the Campaign to legalise Cannabis
to the motive behind the proposed laying of wreaths.

Mr Woods, I just do not understand, although my I send him heart-felt
appreciation for his bravery years ago.


Alun Buffry, Norwich

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Checked-by: Melodi Cornett