Source: Edmonton Sun (Canada)
Pubdate: Fri, 19 Jun 1998
Author: Pat Dolan

Editor's Note: Parenthetical remarks by the Sun editor; headline by hawk

ACCORDING TO Jerry Ward, Sue Olsen, Grit justice critic and former
police officer said, "It's a new phenomena ..." What message will that
send to our children? The singular of phenomena is phenomenon. Does
Mr. Ward not know that? If so, why did he not draw attention to the
mistake in the traditional manner by placing (sic) after it?

Sue Olsen is doing what politicians, police and the press love to do:
attracting attention by creating headlines. Marriages have been going
sour for a long time. That is certainly not a new phenomenon. Nor is
the withholding of connubial rights. But Olsen sees an opportunity to
get in first and hit those crusading Reformers one in the eye.

Her comments and her move to put a new drug (Rohypnol) on the
controlled substances list came a day - one day - after Sherwood Park
RCMP charged a 33-year-old man with drugging his wife with the
sedative. Does one detect here the hallmark of the zealot? Does she
want to put alcohol there too? If not, why not? It's the cause of more
spousal abuse than any other single factor.

Pat Dolan

(The drug in question, Rohypnol, should be on the controlled
substances list.)

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