Source: Dallas Morning News
Pubdate: Mon, 29 Jun 1998


Where was your editorial page editor for the June 12 edition? The irony was
so perfect it must have been unintentional.

Your highlighted letter extolling a "tough, effective, comprehensive
tobacco control bill" was sitting just opposite The Dallas Morning News'
editorial extolling what could be called "tough, effective, comprehensive
drug control" procedures. Why not simply add "tobacco" to the list of
controlled substances - along with cocaine, heroin and marijuana - so the
U.S. can get on with the good work of protecting people from themselves!

A significant portion of the 50,000 Americans who die on the highways each
year are driving under the influence. Many got started as teenagers and
many of them were probably enticed by cute Spuds MacKenzie and the
Budweiser Frogs; not to mention all those "Tastes Great - Less Filling"
prima donna athletes. By the way, heart disease is a diet-related scourge
among Americans. It probably started with poor eating habits in youth
encouraged by ruthless McDonald's franchisees and unscrupulous peddlers of
carbonated sugar-water like Pepsi and Coke.

Get a grip - decriminalize ALL and let the weak-willed FALL.


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