Pubdate: Mon 29 Jun 1998
Source: Orange County Register (CA) 


After the recent election,I was again disturbed by the widespread lack of
understanding of our constitutionally guaranteed protection of the minority
by judicial review of laws. Then I read "A tobacco law: Would it be moral
and legal," by Walter Williams [Opinion, June 17] and he stated exceedingly
well the fundamentals of the issue.

At all school levels, "very little is taught about the Constitution's
meaning and spirit." Today's Congress and White House are not operating in
accordance with our Constitution and "have no more legitimacy than King
George the III and the British Parliament had in the 18th century."

Williams concluded with the position that all laws are not deserving of
obedience. Are the Fugitive Slave Act, Oriental Exclusion Act, apartheid
laws, anti-miscegenation laws and alcohol prohibition moral and deserving of

In the many years since I was old enough to vote, there has been a serious
decline in the understanding of our constitutional republic and an attendant
loss of liberties.There has also been a serious decline in our educational

Could there be a relationship?

Dave Carson, Mission Viejo

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Checked-by: Melodi Cornett