Source: Calgary Sun (Canada) 
Pubdate: June 28, 1998
Comment: Parenthetical remarks by the Sun editor; headline by hawk


CAREY KER'S letter on the nanny-state mentality and legalizing cannabis had
the editor's remark "Never" after it. Sells newspapers I guess. To heck
with responsibility, eh?

Eugene Hines

(We think we are being responsible.)

RE: "REEFER sadness." (Editorial, June 17) I find it amazing in 1998 you
can still print such a diatribe. Your article smacks of the ill-founded
zealotry so common in the debate on drug policy. What cultures exactly are
you talking about? Many studies report alcohol has more negative side
effects than marijuana. Please, a bit of even-handed and factual reporting
on drug issues.

Anthony Bowers Sydney, Australia

(Lethargy and memory loss are scientifically and anecdotally proven side

I HAVE a simple challenge for those who oppose legalization of marijuana,
("Reefer Sadness," June 17). Cite one credible scientific study that proves
the moderate use of marijuana, by adults, poses a threat to the individual
and society. I dare you to try.

Walter Wouk

(What are the benefits?)

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