Pubdate: Mon, 6 Jul 1998
Source: Orange County Register (CA)


I may be stupid, but I know the cost difference between a doctor using an
operating room for an abortion and a doctor prescribing a pill for abortion.

Oklahoma Republican rep. Tom Coburn's Amendment to the 1999 $5 billion
budget for FDA sounds like a doorbell to me next tax season. The amendment
prohibits the FDA money to be used on drugs that will induce abortion. He
argued that this drug -RU486- will be abused and will be used for killing
babies inside the womb.

For heaven's sake; abortion is legal already in this country! Why not try to
save some taxpayers' money with a proven, safe abortion pill? These pills
are in circulation in France and some other countries in Europe to date.

Fred Abalon Jr.-Orange 

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Checked-by: Melodi Cornett