Source: San Francisco Bay Guardian
Contact:   Wed, 19 Aug 1998


Since Proposition 215 passed, Dan Lungren has insisted that the voters
didn't understand what we were doing and certainly didn't mean to really
legalize medical marijuana. Since then Lungren has tried to invalidate the
voters' will using the full opposition of the Attorney General's Office.

Mr. Lungren seems to think that two years of unrelenting opposition to
medical marijuana for his own personal reasons will somehow change the
opinion of the electorate. That alone shows insufficient intelligence to
govern the state. What an idiot.

On Election Day, I'm going to be one of the many millions of Californians
who let Lungren know that we understood exactly what we meant by voting for
Prop. 215 by sending this inane jackass into retirement!


San Francisco

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Checked-by: Joel W. Johnson