Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Pubdate: Fri, 11 Sep 1998


Monday, while I was trying to enjoy a quiet day at Aliso Creek Beach, I
noticed two police officers (Beach Patrol) walking from group to group
asking people to look in their coolers.  Nobody denied them for fear of
further hassles, but some people actually were caught with  alcoholic
beverages in their coolers.

They were immediately required to dump their booze and were given a citation.

I always thought that a police officer wasn't supposed to bother you unless
your activity was suspicious, but, in this case, everybody on the beach was

This was not about protecting or serving the community, but more a form of
extortion to raise money.  And to see this happen on the last summer
holiday of the year disgusted me.

I respect and support our police department, but these tactics have to stop.

Bob Ipema-Laguna Niguel

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Checked-by: Joel W. Johnson