Source: Tribune Review (PA)
Pubdate: 09/11/1998
Author: Ginger Warbis


In the Aug. 31 article, "Police appeal to public to nab marijuana growers,"
police go into great detail educating the public on how to tell if a crime
is being committed. Please let me remind you that it's a lot simpler than
that. If a crime has been committed, there'll be someone bleeding or
bruised or looking around for their missing stuff. A victim, in other words.

If someone is growing on average three to five pot plants, granted there
are some (unconstitutional) laws against doing that, but he's probably
providing a service to your community. That amount of pot doesn't come
close to supporting a family or even an individual financially. So this has
got to be a sideline to whatever the guy does for a living. Additionally,
he's providing an alternative source for pot smokers so they don't have to
deal with organized crime to supply that demand.

In return for these contributions to your community, do you really think
it's fair and just or even sane to kick some rapist or murderer out of his
bed so that this gardener can spend up to seven years in prison, unable to
support his family and without even the constitutional right to face his

Ginger Warbis
Pompano Beach, FL
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Checked-by: Matt Elrod