Source: Chicago Tribune (IL)
Section: Sec. 1
Pubdate: 3 Oct 1998
Author: Luz Santiago


CHICAGO -- The 7-year-old in "Family mourns a young life lost" (Metro,
Sept. 25) is one of many who have died or been caught by gang
cross-fire every other day on the streets of Humboldt Park. There is
gang and drug activity practically on every corner of the Humboldt
Park area.

I grew up in the Humboldt Park area, and have seen so many innocent
and not-so-innocent kids perish because of the gangs and drugs. The
residents in the area are used to the drive-by shootings that occur at
all hours of the night and day. It becomes part of their daily lives.

I implore the Chicago Police to put more patrols in the streets of the
Humboldt Park area. Protect the children--they are our future.

Luz Santiago

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Checked-by: Rich O'Grady