Pubdate: Oct 21, 1998
Source: Edmonton Sun (Canada)
Copyright: Canoe Limited Partnership.
Author: Pat Dolan


About Doug Beazley's piece in which an Edmonton study suggests marijuana can
help patients with chronic pain (Oct. 18): history records change but its
reasons are soon forgotten. Emily Murphy unleashed the war dogs on drug
users with her racist missionary fervour earlier this century. "We have to
think of the children," they say. Odd, isn't it?

That's what they said when they tore native Canadian children from their
families to educate them. The families and the children and their children's
children have been paying the cost of that "education" in blighted lives
ever since. Nothing stales their infinite variety! Never mind the suffering
of those who seek solace in the forbidden weed from the misery of another
pain-wracked night.

Start telling the truth about marijuana! Or bear the shame of having your
secret - the secret complicity of the neutral - exposed in the pages of The
Edmonton Sun.

Pat Dolan

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Checked-by: Rolf Ernst