Source: Bulletin, The (OR)
Author: Jim Soules Prineville, Or
Pubdate: Wed, 21 Oct 1998
Section: My nickel's worth
Page: A6

'NO on 67'

Statistics show that marijuana used by eighth graders has tripled since 1990
and is 36 percent above the national level.

Marijuana is the No.1 problem-drug for Oregon teenagers entering drug
addiction treatment programs.

Teens who use marijuana are six times more likely to bring guns to school,
four times more likely to attack another person with the intention of
hurting them, three times more likely to engage in sex (probably
unprotected), twice as likely to attempt suicide and 85 times more likely to
use cocaine. As if we don't already have enough drug problems in Oregon,
Ballot Measire 67 would add even more.

Measure 67 would allow use for complaints as vaque as " general ill health".
It would allow hashish use. It would allow prison inmate and Oregon children
to legally use marijuana.

Measure 67 is not about medicine. A written prescription is not required.
And, the safety provided by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration medication
approval process is bypassed.

Measure 67 is about legalizing marijuana for any Oregonian to use with
impunity. Voters who care about the future of our youth will reject this
deceptive proposal.

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Checked-by: Don Beck