Pubdate: Mon, 11 Jan 1999
Date: 01/11/1999
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Author: Doug Scribner - Costa Mesa
Section: Metro, page 7

Who did Steve or Michele Kubby rape, rob or murder? Who did they lie
to, cheat or blackmail?

It seems to me that ignorant, opportunistic politicians have raped
the Kubbys, robbed them of their civil rights and caused other sick
and dying patients to suffer needlessly by classifying some medicines
as illegal narcotics despite the voters' approval of Proposition 215
to allow use of marijuana as medicine in some cases.

It is the district attorneys, judges and other politicians who lie,
cheat and blackmail. When the Kubbys go to court, will the judge tell
the jury that as jurors they have the right to decide if the law is
being justly applied? I doubt it. This is what keeps "the people"
powerless even when it comes to laws that they voted for and passed.

Doug Scribner
Costa Mesa