Pubdate: Thu, 10 Jun 1999
Date: 06/10/1999
Source: Vancouver Province (Canada)
Author: Pat Dolan
Authors: Pat Dolan

He's Been "Deceived" By Anti-Drug "Propaganda"

It is distressing to see someone as well-intentioned as George Chuvalo
engaged in a mission that is doomed to be largely self-defeating.

Like so many others, he has been deceived by a steady diet over the
last 25 years of obfuscation, half-truths and down-right lies on the
part of the prohibition lobby - a self-serving clique of police, press
and politicians.

The success of their propaganda campaign can be plainly seen in the
Chuvalo story.  George believes it was heroin that caused successive
family tragedies.


The science is that life-long addiction to heroin and the opiates
causes no observable deleterious effects.  It is not heroin that
causes addict fatalities.  It is prohibition.

Prohibition means there is no regulation of the product. Therefore,
street heroin is adulterated heroin of uncertain strength and purity
that can cause death.

Pat Dolan,