Source: Age, The (Australia)
Copyright: 1999 David Syme & Co Ltd
Pubdate: 13 Jan 1999
Page: A10 Author: (1) Peter Kurg, (2) Graham Miller, (3) Stuart Moncrieff


Did anyone learn anything from the experience of the Palmer family (The
Age, 9/1)? I cried unashamedly and thought, "what a waste". People like
Mary Lou Palmer's son, Ben, are the casualties of our war on drugs. Do the
prohibitionists understand that these laws they are so keen to enforce
ensure that the Palmers are not alone in their grief?


Asserting that drug laws are failing the young deflects attention from the
real issue. Too many young people fail to take responsibility for their own
actions. Injecting a substance of unknown composition and purity directly
into the blood steam is blatant irresponsibility. This should fearlessly be
stressed by parents and schools.


I am surprised that the Kennett Government has not seen the obvious
benefits of legal "shooting-galleries" and the associated sale of
state-supplied heroin. Surely the fund-raising potential is even greater
than that of a casino.

Stuart Moncrieff, Mont Albert 
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