Source: Bulletin, The (OR)
Contact:  19 Jan 1998
Section: My Nickel's Worth
Page: A-6
Author: Curt Wagoner


It seems apparent that the prohibitionists on the Bulletin's editorial
board have been waiting for their opportunity to take a jab at Oregon's new
medical marijuana law. Mike Assenberg of Waldport, gave them that
opportunity by lighting up in an Abby's Pizza in Newport, on New Years Eve.
 (Editorial: Making A Hash Of The Law, Jan. 13th, 1999.)

In your editorial you were correct in stating that Mr Assenberg was wrong
in his assumption that he would be protected under M67 for smoking medical
marijuana in a public place. If he had read the measure he would have
realized this. With so much mis-information rabidly being spread in an
effort to try and defeat this measure, I for one can understand some of the
confusion surrounding its implementation.

Also, I take offense to your statement that "Some laws, get the supporters
they deserve." This implies that 55% of the voters in Deschutes County
including myself, are in some way more ignorant than the Bulletin's
editorial board when it comes to medical marijuana. By trying to degrade
those who voted for M67 you are only degrading yourselves and exposing your
own ignorance and intolerance.

Try to show some credibility, and report about the good that this measure
is doing for those people suffering from debilitating diseases like AIDS
and Multiple Sclerosis. I would be happy to put you in contact with as many
patients as you would care to interview. 
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