Pubdate: Thu, 30 September 1999
Source: San Luis Obispo County Tribune (CA)
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Author: Jo-D Dunbar


The 9th U.S. Court of Appeals did not "overturn" the lower court's decision
on cannabis clubs, as The Tribune editorial suggested in last week's
"Straight dope on marijuana."

The appellate court remanded, or sent back, U.S. District Judge Charles
Breyer's injunction on, in particular, the Oakland Cannabis Buyers
Cooperative. They suggested that Judge Breyer rethink his judgment while
taking into consideration the possibility that there may be an important
exception to federal drug laws that would allow the distribution of
medicinal cannabis.

The Oakland Cannabis Buyers Cooperative presented ample "evidence that
cannabis is the only effective treatment for a large group of seriously ill
individuals," wrote the appellate court judges. The U.S. Justice Department
presented no evidence as to how their continual resistance to this
distribution is in the public's best interest. The ruling does negate the
tired argument by law enforcement and others that Compassionate Use Act of
1996 is wrong since it "flies in the face of federal policy."

It would take much more space than allowed for a letter to the editor to
address the remaining inaccuracies in your recent editorial. I will continue
to have faith in the compassionate Californian citizens who chose to place
the decision in the hands of qualified physicians almost three years ago.

Jo-D Dunbar, Arroyo Grande

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