Pubdate: Thu, 14 Oct 1999
Source: Colorado Daily (CO)
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Author: Lee T. Neidow


Attaching a copy of the FAX you got from the DEA, I sent the

The Honorable Carl Levin
United States Senate
Washington D.C.

"Dear Senator Levin:

The following was sent by the DEA in response to a question about why it
arrested and impounded in Detroit, almost 20 tons of birdseed which had a
THC content of barely .0014 percent.

I have a budgie by the name of Petey and keep a small supply of birdseed on
hand to feed him.

In view of the official position of the DEA, I am very concerned that his
food might be confiscated and both of us could end up in the slammer.

Frankly, it is my considered opinion that the people in the DEA have brains
no larger that Petey's. And/or that those people might be inhaling some of
the real stuff.

Perhaps, in what you laughingly call your spare time, you might want to
investigate this, and let me know if Petey and I can get a waiver." 

Lee T. Neidow
Via Internet

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