Pubdate: Tues, 19 Oct 1999
Source: Amarillo Globe-News (TX)
Copyright: 1999 Amarillo Globe-News
Author: Richard Sinnott, Fort Pierce, Fla.


Your assertion that legalization (I prefer to call it drug law repeal)
would be "an unnecessary surrender" is a case of letting a metaphor
cloud your thinking.

Surrender to the drug dealers? Surely you jest!

If the drug laws were repealed, there would be no more drug dealers,

Just like when liquor prohibition was repealed, the Capones and others
were out of business - overnight - with the stroke of a pen!

With all due respect, the phenomenon of drug use is a fact of life.
That the government, in all its wisdom and knowledge, has declared
that only eight or 10 of the many hundreds of drugs should be illegal
is ludicrous.

Those laws are based upon false information, ignorance and

The drug laws do far more harm to this great country than the use of
all the illegal drugs put together. Because these laws cause harm to
this nation, they fall into that category known as "bad law."

Mankind has been aware of the existence of bad law for centuries now,
and parliamentarians devised a method to get rid of bad law - it is
called "repeal."

Richard Sinnott, 
Fort Pierce, Fla
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