Pubdate: Wed, 3 Feb 1999
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Section: Metro  
Page: 9
Copyright: 1999 The Orange County Register
Author: Bob Hart


I fail to see how heroin could drive anyone to rob["Police:Heroin drove
honor student to rob," News, Jan. 28th]. I am continually amazed that the
crux of many such articles point to these "bad" drugs. When was the last
time a person used a gun to get alcohol from a liquor store?

It's not the drugs, it's the drug laws. The heroin did not cause her
to rob. It was the artificially high price of the heroin created by
U.S. drug policy that caused her to rob.

How unfortunate that the only people who benefit from the current drug
policy are in the justice system, the Congress and the drug
underworld. The average non-drug using citizen pays the bill.

Bob Hart
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