Pubdate: 12 Feb 1999
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Copyright: 1999 The Orange County Register
Section: Metro, page 9
Author: Bob Hart-Tustin


The administration released a new plan to fight illegal drugs ["Anti-drug
strategy released," News, Feb. 9]. I find it offensive that the federal
Government is going to spend $18 billion this year to get rid of those evil
drug dealers. It would not surprise me to find out someday that the dealers
of illegal drugs have a lobby in Washington to keep the enforcement of drug
laws as strong as it is. If people with common sense thought about drug
prohibition a little, they would conclude the laws are causing all of the
problems they're supposed to prevent.

When was the last time you were assaulted by someone needing the money to
buy booze? Take the $18 billion and give it to the Congress as a bribe to
repeal the current drug policy. Then the dealers will be off the streets
and out of business. We'll be safe again.

Bob Hart

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