Pubdate: Thur, 25 Feb 1999
Source: Examiner, The (Ireland)
Copyright: Examiner Publications Ltd, 1999
Section: Letters to the Editor
Author: Frank MacCarthy


AS I was reading The Examiner, on Tuesday, February 16 last, I read about a
man who allegedly sexually assaulted his daughter whilst drunk. This was
alleged to have happened over a four year period.

Then a cannabis dealer who has 'an alcohol problem which was escalating
completely out of control'.

Next an alleged rape which is supposed to have occurred after a cider
drinking party.

And then of course there is the murder trial of a man who is accused of
murdering his uncle after consuming large quantities of whiskey.

The common factor in all of these horrific crimes, Alcohol.

Then, imagine my disgust as I turn the page to see the headline "Report
highlights the contribution of the drinks industry to economy."

I continue to read: "The reports purpose is to inform the policy makers and
the public of the major economic contribution made by the industry to the
Irish economy."

Who do these people think they are? Now it seems that contributing to the
Irish economy is fine at any cost. Who cares about the role of alcohol abuse
in murders, deaths on our roads, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, suicides,
family destruction, liver failure and heart problems.

The drinks industry group, who commissioned the report, certainly have no
qualms about manufacturing and pedalling their products which are not even
referred to as a drug which it is and a deadly one at that.

What I can't understand is why we accept this bullshit which is rammed down
our throats? Would heroin and other hard drug abuse be acceptable as long as
drug barons made a major economic contribution to the Irish economy?

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