Pubdate: 10 March 1999
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)
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Copyright: 1999, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
Author: Gary Storck, Madison


I am writing in reference to the March 7 article: "Alaska law allows
marijuana use / State is the sixth to legalize drug to treat specified
medical ailments."

Hooray for Alaska! It is great that the voters of Alaska had the
opportunity to cast ballots on this issue, and, like virtually every
other time medical marijuana has been put to the voters, it easily

No doubt, Wisconsin voters would also endorse this issue, but since
the state lacks the initiative process, we are held hostage by
legislators who think the current policy of arresting and jailing sick
and dying people who use marijuana medicinally should remain in effect.

Wisconsin residents deserve equal protection should they find
marijuana helpful for their medical conditions. Our representatives,
both state and federal, must move forward on this issue instead of
allowing to continue the cruel and immoral status quo that locks up
the sick.

Gary Storck

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