Pubdate: Saturday, March 20, 1999
Source: Globe and Mail (Canada)
Copyright: 1999, The Globe and Mail Company
Author: J. Ostofsky

Don't marginalize methadone

Toronto -- Re Overdose Deaths Soar As Methadone Hits Streets --
March 15:

Timothy Appleby states that "addicts are notorious liars." To whom
does he refer? Caffeine-wired cigarette smokers? Alcoholic
journalists? I wonder if Mr. Appleby would refer to any other group of
patients with a condition (i.e., diabetics, hemophiliacs) as liars if
they were forced to withhold information in order to receive proper
medical care.

Those of us on methadone who seek hospital treatment for other illness
and injury are routinely subjected to judgmental, often hostile, staff
members. This institutional prejudice stigmatizes, isolates and keeps
many out of the health-care system. Stereotyping such as Mr. Appleby's
makes him complicit in the further marginalization of those of us on
methadone seeking treatment with dignity.

J. Ostofsky
methadone patient 
Chair of Advocates for Dignity,
Inclusion and Choice in Treatment

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