Pubdate: March 20th, 1999
Source: Bulletin, The (OR)
Section: My Nickel's Worth
Page: A-6
Author: Floyd Ferris Landrath


As a full-time anti-drug war activist, and one of many volunteers who
helped the Yes on 67 campaign, I am glad to see your well stated
defense ('Making a hash of the law,' 3/11/99), respecting the will of
the voters in opposing Rep. Kevin Mannix's HB3502; the gutting of the
Oregon Medical Marijuana Act.

It's perhaps most constructive to note that Mannix won his seat in
Salem by less than 300 votes.

But old 'Mad Dog' Mannix does serve one good purpose.  He is a prime
example of how this "winner take all" election system fails and why so
many Oregonians have given up on it.

Here's a man who got into office by the skin of his teeth. Yet he is
warmly embraced as though he won by a landslide and appointed by the
Republican leadership to the Chair of the very powerful House
Judiciary Committee.  Then, the first thing he does is try to
overthrow the will of the people.

One paradox is that anyone even takes this man seriously in the first

The other, much bigger paradox, is adult marijuana prohibition itself.
 If I, a rational and competent adult, need pot for medicine, or just
want to get stoned what business is that of the Bulletin, Mannix or
even the voters? Absolutely none.  Indeed it is policy which should be
repugnant to all freedom loving people, rather they smoke pot or not.

Floyd Ferris Landrath
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