Pubdate: 4 Apr 1999
Source: Bulletin, The (OR)
Section: My Nickel's Worth
Page: E-2
Author: Curt Wagoner


For those who think that banning firearms--in other words a gun
prohibition--is somehow the answer to eliminating our nation's gun
violence, think again.

Despite 80 years of drug prohibition, at the cost of billions upon billions
of dollars, and at a great loss of our precious civil liberties, anybody of
any age that has a couple of bucks can buy illegal drugs. They're cheaper,
more pure, more diverse and more widely available than ever before. The
illicit drug market is an unregulated, free-market with no age limit and no
ID required.

Gun prohibition would only create more of what gun opponents claim they
want to stop. A gun prohibition, like alcohol or drug prohibition, is the
formula for crime and violence and guarantees that guns will be available
to anybody who wants one with no age limit and no ID required.

The major cause of crime and gun violence comes from our nation's
prohibitionist drug policy. It doesn't come from the average American gun

The Libertarian Party supports your Second Amendment right to keep and bear
arms. The party also supports the buying and selling of firearms without
the need of Big Brother looking over your shoulder and prying into your
personal lives. Senate Bill 700 is just another incremental step toward an
all out ban on guns.

And, it just goes to show that you can't trust a Republican anymore than
you can a Democrat when it comes to protecting your gun rights. 
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