Pubdate: Sun, 4 Apr 1999
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Copyright: 1999 The Orange County Register


Years before I read the editorial,"Talking a hard look at state's jammed
jails"[Opinion,Mar. 29],I had the gut feeling that all of society pays a
price for unjustly denying a fellow his right to live freely because he
committed a non-violent or victimless crime.

We do not have the right to separate people from their loved ones because of
excessively stringent laws that arguably, in many cases, will be tossed out
as unconstitutional.

Also, there is no way to calculate what percentage of our average,
God-fearing citizens who face the inhumane, demeaning and sanity threatening
process of being incarcerated in one of these hell holes comes out the other
end a hardened and vengeful person.

G. Fred Logan 
Carrillo Ranch 

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