Pubdate: Wednesday,April 14,1999
Source: Orange County Register (CA)
Copyright: 1999 The Orange County Register
Author: Christine Myers


After reading"Movement on 215"[Commentary,April 11],I cannot
understand why we are still putting people in jail for implementing
their medical right to use marijuana. Why is Barry McCaffrey so
against marijuana that he is trying to nullify our law that the people
put in place?

Our appointed officials are supposed to be in support of the people. I
wonder how they would feel if we didn't acknowledge them in their
appointed place after winning an election. Prop. 215 was put on the
ballet; it won, it became law; what's the problem?

Many medical-marijuana users are terminally ill individuals. They
should not have obstacles in their path to have a little extra comfort
before death. If one of these people were a relative of Mr. McCaffrey
would he stand in their way to be pain free?

If federal law is prohibiting our state law from becoming effective
then we need to change our federal law as well. Research gives
validity to the beneficial effect of marijuana for the ill; let them
have their relief.

Christine Myers
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