Pubdate: Tue, 27 Apr 1999
Source: Belleville-News Democrat (IL)
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Author: Amy Vandale


I would like to respond to the letter in the Readers Forum April 8,
'Vigilance in Drug War'. Marijuana is not a gateway drug and the THC
In marijuana does have some medicinal value.

The reason for the research on medical marijuana is the  chance to
find alternative medicine that is suitable for some patients. There is
not a hidden agenda to make marijuana legal for everyone, and not
everyone who uses marijuana is a 'pothead'. Comparing the marijuana of
today with cocaine is totally unacceptable as well. Marijuana is in no
way the same substance as cocaine.

Before the author of that letter is so quick to denounce the
possibilities of marijuana having some medical benefit, he should
first ask himself if he would ever accept it for himself or a loved
one if no other medication was available. Maybe then he would not be
as closed minded on this topic.

Amy Vandale
Burlington, Vt.
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