Pubdate: Thu, 17 June 1999
Source: New Times (CA)
Author: Myron Von Hollingsworth
Note: Original:


Congratulations on publishing a great article with a great title ["All
Strikes, No Balls," the Shredder, New Times, June 10].

I hope it won't be much longer before the truth of the drug war becomes
obvious to the public at large and the media as it has to me. There is no
profit in an end to the drug war. In short, the alternative to prohibition -
legalization - will not produce the profits that the drug war does for its

Maybe the polititians are required to adhere to the party line of
prohibition because the prison industrial complex, the INS, the CIA, the
FBI, the DEA, the polititians themselves, et al, can't live without the
invisible profits, bribery, corruption, and forfeiture benefits that
prohibition affords them. The drug war also promotes,
justifies, and perpetuates racist enforcement policies.

To those who disagree with reform, consider the following:

I guarantee you that all the gun-toting, murderous, ultraviolent, "drug-lord
kingpins" who sell to and addict our children in order to generate huge,
tax-free amounts of bribe money and profits to buy bigger and better homes,
cars, lawyers, and weapons are on your side. They not only appreciate but
also thrive and depend on your point of view for their very existence!

Myron Von Hollingsworth, Fort Worth, Texas

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