Pubdate: Thu, 24 Jun 1999
Source: Moscow-Pullman Daily News (ID-WA)
Copyright: 1999, Moscow-Pullman Daily News
Author: Miss Kris


Every year, weather permitting, my best-behaved macaw is rewarded with a
trip to Hemp Fest and/or the Renaissance Fair. Good food, friends, great
music, and an undying devotion to hemp seeds are the reasons. Many locals
have seen my birds in attendance at these events.

I cannot believe that anyone in our well-educated city could rely on hearsay
to condemn such a clean event. Yet Arlene Kellberg has done just that. Using
evidence inadmissible in court and unknown to the Moscow Police Department,
who were there, she claims high crimes and felony activity.

Arlene, if you had bothered to attend before you opened your mouth, you
would know that the police are everywhere, in uniform, on bicycles, and even
undercover (Chief Weaver cannot tell you that; he'd have to kill you if he did).

If you are going to fight the use of hemp in our society, Kellberg, you
should know that my cousin's ex-wife's boyfriend heard it from his plumber's
son's neighbor that Tri-State sells hemp rope and if you stand in the rope
aisle on a warm day, the fumes will get you high. Of course, that's hearsay,
but it should be all you need to start another vendetta.

Marijuana and hemp are completely different products. One can get you high
and has strong medicinal qualities; the other is great for hanging
prejudices out in the open.

Miss Kris, Potlatch

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