Pubdate: Thu, 01 July 1999
Source: New Times (CA)
Author: Richard Kinz
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The New Times article on the War oon Drugs - more aptly, the government's
incessant war on the Constitution - brings to light so much of the
frightening stuff going on in the name of drug-free morality in America
['The Decade-old War on Drugs: A Status Report," June 24].

It's frightening enough to read about and witness the "mistaken" break-ins
and even killings, trashing of people's homes, racial profiling in pat-downs
and trafffic stops by law enforcement. Or the seizing and selling off of
suspects' assets before any trial or conviction. But what is even more
frightening is the arrogant attitude on the part of an increasing number of
them as summed up by NTF Detective Steve Larson in his statement, "...I can
kick down any door at the residence I want."

What the article gave only passing mention to are the judges who are
supposed to at least give a little thought to what a situation is before
issuing a search warrant. Instead they often take "evidence" from stoolies
or the word of law officers, issue warrants, and then seal the "evidence" to
cover their butts.

We need to wake up to what's going on with law enforcement and our glorious
Congress and Legislature and get pissed. But far too many of us say, oh
well, our courts will make sure that we're protected. Yeah, right! The
decisions of the Rehnquist court and others over the past few years show
just what they think of the Bill of Rights and how well they protect us.

You'll have to excuse me now; someone is breaking down the front door!

Richard Kinz, Atascadero

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