Pubdate: Wed, 28 July 1999
Source: St. Petersburg Times (FL)
Copyright: 1999 St. Petersburg Times
Author:  Stephen Heath


There's excellent news from our Florida drug czar on how time and
money are being spent in Tallahassee to help protect us from "drugs."
Seems that poisoning large areas of the state with a special fungus
will help us closer to being a "pot-free" state.

Though, of course, we will still need a couple more steps after that
to really be sure that no one gets high by smoking a plant. And that
would be to permit law enforcement to enter without cause any and all
buildings and domiciles for the purpose of inspecting and confirming
that no indoor growing is taking place. And of course we'll need a
giant wall, fence, force field or whatever to keep out all the pot
that will now be coming in from other places due to the lack of supply
in-state. Oh yeah, and plenty of soldiers with big guns and riot gear
to man that fence.

In truth, we must not be too hard on czar Jim McDonough. His is a
thankless and frankly impossible commission. And that is to eliminate
the personal freedom of over 2-million Florida adults who use
marijuana of their own free will and with no harm to others. He said
it himself when he stated that use of marijuana in Florida is at an
all-time high.

Wake up, Mr. McDonough! Two-million free citizens in your own state
are asking you to please end the war on our own citizenry now!

Stephen Heath, 
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