Pubdate: Thu, 29 Jul 1999
Source: Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Author: Graeme McKay
Note: Title supplied by newshawk


Bob Carr has taken a brave step in allowing heroin injecting rooms. It is
an emotional issue for the community. Many have said that it will not solve
the problem. That statement is obviously correct. It will not solve the
addiction. It may, however, go some way to keeping users alive.

The rights or wrongs of heroin are not the subject of debate in this
situation. The two positives are that addicts will inject in a controlled
environment, as opposed to public streets, parks, etc.

It should also serve to decrease the number of discarded needles in
gutters, bins, parks, and so on. This can only be seen as an advantage to
the community.

People like Fred Nile and Brian Watters have been vocal in their opposition
to this initiative. I have yet to hear any constructive suggestions from
either about reasonable options.

Perhaps the time has come for them to overcome their Christian ideologies
of right and wrong, and show humanity to those who are killing themselves.

We must all be aware of the dangers of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse. Why
then do we accept organisations which provide assistance for alcoholics and
smokers, but decry drug users?

There is simply no right or wrong solution. Let's just save lives.

Graeme McKay,

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