Pubdate: 4 Aug, 1999
Source: Rock River Times (IL)
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Author: M. Simon


Dear Editor,

I agree for the most part with Sharon Schuldt about America and its promise.

But we must not forget that America has a very sordid past. And some of the
errors of the past have not been adequately remedied. Slavery. Genocide of
the Indians. Did you know that Hitler got his ideas about concentration
camps from studying the treatment of Indians in America?

As recently as 55 years ago we had Americans have their property stolen and
were herded into concentration camps.

Of course we are much more civilized these days. We reserve that kind of
treatment for people who choose the wrong intoxicants. No racism here.
Think about this. We have approximately 2.5% of all black males in jail or
prison. The corresponding number for white people is about .3%

Unfortunately these are things you don't hear much about in the churches
and synagogues. Why?

M. Simon Rockford, Illinois

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