Pubdate: Fri, 06 Aug 1999
Source: Courier-Mail, The (Australia)
Copyright: News Limited 1999
Author: Pete Blackford


To the editor:
Premier Beattie said legalised heroin shooting galleries would
be a "breeding ground for illegal drug activity" (C-M, July 28).

Those who decide to use the facilities with qualified and trained
people in attendance will be extremely fortunate.

They will not have to run the risks of sharing needles and spreading
diseases such as HIV or hepatitis.

They will receive their doses in a clean environment. If they
unfortunately overdose, there will be trained people on hand to assist.

If we continually throw up barriers, remain ignorant and are not able
to assist the disadvantaged or the weak in a manner that is
humanitarian and compassionate, and in an environment where the
individual perhaps will benefit in the long term by being guided
towards treatment, I am at a loss to comprehend what our society has


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