Pubdate: Fri, 13 August 1999
Source: Santa Maria Times (CA)
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Author: Gary Kirkland, President SLO Libertarian Party


To the Editor:

It has been two years and nine months since the voters of California passed
Proposition 215. So why are law enforcement officers still arresting sick
people whose doctor prescribed medical marijuana, confiscating these ill
people's property, trying them in court and subjecting them to jail? Why are
some judges refusing to accept Proposition 215 as a defense for possession
and use of medical marijuana by sick people? No proper court has overturned
Proposition 215.

The Institute of Medicine's recent study showed that marijuana does have
medicinal value. But the federal government still classifies marijuana as a
schedule 1 drug, not supposed to have any medical value. Governments do not
allow doctors to prescribe class 1 drugs. Doctors can and do prescribe
morphine, cocaine, methadone and other addictive drugs. These same legal
strictures do not allow doctors to prescribe marijuana, which is not
addictive, does not have an overdoes level, and not once has proven to kill

The Libertarian Party is sponsoring a web site,, which is
petitioning the federal government to reschedule medical marijuana from a
class 1 drug to a class 3 drug so that doctors may legally prescribe it. The
Libertarian Party urges everyone of all political affiliations to visit our
web site and sign on to our petition.

Our friends, neighbors and relatives who are unfortunate enough to be
medically ill should not be subject to arrest, trial in court and jail
because they are sick and trying to get well. Doctors and medical
professionals should prescribe drugs. Law should not allow uncaring
bureaucrats to position themselves between doctor and patient, denying
medical treatment that the doctor recommends.

Gary L. Kirkland, president Region 40, Libertarian Party, Atascadero

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