Pubdate: September 10-16, 1999
Source: Isthmus (WI)
Author: Keith Sanders
Note: One more of 19 letters published in the Isthmus regarding recent
cannabis stories, The War On Pot - Part One URL: and The War on Pot (second
of two parts)


Thanks for your thoughtful coverage of the plight of Jim Swanson, who has
been sent to jail for growing marijuana at his home ("The War on Pot -
Busted!", 8/6/99).  As you point out, the kind of police misconduct seen in
this case is part and parcel of America's foolish War on (Certain) Drugs.

The sale, possession, and use of illegal drugs are all activities that are
performed in private or among consenting adults; "drug crimes" have no
victim, any more than the sale and use of alcohol has a "victim". When
governments insist on banning such private behavior, they must take extreme
action -- such as rooting through citizens' garbage, or "checking up" on
citizens' favorite mail-order companies -- to find a lead that will prove
someone guilty of these victimless "crimes".

Keith Sanders
El Cerrito, CA

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