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Muse, KirkUS MA: Marijuana Would Still Be RegulatedMarblehead Reporter (MA)Tue, 27 Mar 2012
Muse, KirkUS OK: Drug Prohibition Policies Foster CrimeOklahoman, The (OK)Fri, 23 Mar 2012
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Dui Story Gets It Wrong About MedicalEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Fri, 09 Mar 2012
Muse, KirkUS AL: Protecting People From ThemselvesAnniston Star (AL)Mon, 05 Mar 2012
Muse, KirkCN ON: USA's War on Drugs DoomedParry Sound North Star (CN ON)Wed, 29 Feb 2012
Muse, KirkUS NY: Marijuana Lies Make Children Suspicious OfDaily Messenger (NY)Wed, 22 Feb 2012
Muse, KirkUS IN: Marijuana Is a Good Substitute for PotentialTimes, The (Munster IN)Sat, 18 Feb 2012
Muse, KirkUS UT: Statue Of HypocrisySalt Lake Tribune (UT)Sat, 18 Feb 2012
Muse, KirkUS IL: Miller Gets It Right On ViceChicago Sun-Times (IL)Mon, 13 Feb 2012
Muse, KirkUS CO: Look Into LEAP For Info On Legalizing DrugsGlenwood Springs Post Independent (CO)Fri, 03 Feb 2012
Muse, KirkUS NE: Good SubstituteMcCook Daily Gazette (NE)Mon, 30 Jan 2012
Muse, KirkUS CA: Prohibition CorruptionSacramento News & Review (CA)Thu, 19 Jan 2012
Muse, KirkUS UT: Home Invader May Shout 'Police'Standard-Examiner (UT)Wed, 18 Jan 2012
Muse, KirkUS IL: End Marijuana ProhibitionJournal Standard, The (Freeport, IL)Fri, 13 Jan 2012
Muse, KirkUS MI: Controlled SubstanceGarden City Observer (MI)Thu, 12 Jan 2012
Muse, KirkUS NJ: Legal Marijuana Could Be An Economic ThreatTimes, The (Trenton, NJ)Thu, 05 Jan 2012
Muse, KirkUS AZ: How Far Up Does Corruption Go In The US?East Valley Tribune (AZ)Fri, 06 Jan 2012
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Pharmaceutical, Alcohol Industries Nip Pot IDaily Courier (Prescott, AZ)Sun, 01 Jan 2012
Muse, KirkUS TN: Do Body Searches On All PoliticiansKnoxville News-Sentinel (TN)Sat, 31 Dec 2011
Muse, KirkUS NV: Presidential PayrollReno News & Review (NV)Thu, 29 Dec 2011
Muse, KirkUS CA: Reserve The Right To Self-MedicateUnion, The (Grass Valley, CA)Sat, 24 Dec 2011
Muse, KirkUS WA: Reclassifying MarijuanaDaily News, The (Longview, WA)Wed, 14 Dec 2011
Muse, KirkUS NC: Powerful Lure Of The ForbiddenPilot, The (NC)Tue, 22 Nov 2011
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Getting An MMJ Card Should Be As Easy As GetTucson Weekly (AZ)Thu, 24 Nov 2011
Muse, KirkUS NV: Letter To BarryReno News & Review (NV)Thu, 27 Oct 2011
Muse, KirkCN BC: Legalizing Drugs Works Fine For The DutchAbbotsford Times (CN BC)Thu, 01 Sep 2011
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Let The Voters' Vote Stand For SomethingDaily Courier (Prescott, AZ)Wed, 31 Aug 2011
Muse, KirkUS MN: Legal Pot Loses Its AllureDuluth News-Tribune (MN)Tue, 26 Jul 2011
Muse, KirkUS MA: Only Bureaucrats, Politicians and FoolsDaily News, The (Newburyport, MA)Mon, 18 Jul 2011
Muse, KirkUS CA: Other Countries Show Us Correct PathUnion, The (Grass Valley, CA)Sat, 09 Jul 2011
Muse, KirkUS MI: Marijuana Laws Are Not A DeterrentMuskegon Chronicle, The (MI)Thu, 07 Jul 2011
Muse, KirkUS WA: Response To 'Not-So-Thoughtful Letter'Seattle Times (WA)Mon, 27 Jun 2011
Muse, KirkUS AZ: 2 Ounces Of Pot Not Worth 12 Officers' TimeEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Sun, 26 Jun 2011
Muse, KirkUS WA: Drugs And BureaucraciesDaily News, The (Longview, WA)Sat, 25 Jun 2011
Muse, KirkUS IL: Worthless Drug SurveysChicago Sun-Times (IL)Tue, 14 Jun 2011
Muse, KirkUS MI: Take Marijuana Out Of The Hands Of CriminalsMuskegon Chronicle, The (MI)Sun, 12 Jun 2011
Muse, KirkUS NV: Prohibition FailureReno News & Review (NV)Thu, 02 Jun 2011
Muse, KirkUS WA: Surrender and Sign HereSeattle Times (WA)Wed, 25 May 2011
Muse, KirkUS IL: We Should Adopt Swiss Drug PolicyJournal Standard, The (Freeport, IL)Thu, 19 May 2011
Muse, KirkUS UT: Don't Blame Drug WarSalt Lake Tribune (UT)Tue, 17 May 2011
Muse, KirkUS CA: Give Peace A ChanceSacramento News & Review (CA)Thu, 12 May 2011
Muse, KirkUS KS: Freedom of ChoiceTopeka Capital-Journal (KS)Thu, 21 Apr 2011
Muse, KirkUS IA: Edu: Time To Defund Mexican Drug CartelsIowa State Daily (IA Edu)Thu, 14 Apr 2011
Muse, KirkUS IL: Marijuana and JobsRockford Register Star (IL)Tue, 12 Apr 2011
Muse, KirkUS VA: Marijuana Busts Give Weed Added ValueRoanoke Times (VA)Mon, 28 Mar 2011
Muse, KirkUS NJ: N.J. Law Enforcement Going to PotTimes, The (Trenton, NJ)Tue, 22 Mar 2011
Muse, KirkUS IL: Stop Putting Gardeners Behind BarsJournal Standard, The (Freeport, IL)Mon, 14 Mar 2011
Muse, KirkUS VA: Make Marijuana Legal, Safe, TaxableRoanoke Times (VA)Wed, 16 Feb 2011
Muse, KirkUS CA: Don't Like It? Don't Smoke It!Sacramento News & Review (CA)Thu, 10 Feb 2011
Muse, KirkUS CO: Edu: Meth SolutionRocky Mountain Collegian, The (Colorado State U, CO Edu)Wed, 09 Feb 2011
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Nanny-State Control Is a Slippery SlopeDaily Courier (Prescott, AZ)Sun, 06 Feb 2011
Muse, KirkUS MO: Swiss Heroin Program Effective Public PolicyColumbia Daily Tribune (MO)Sat, 29 Jan 2011
Muse, KirkUS MI: Enforcement Hasn't HelpedDetroit News (MI)Tue, 18 Jan 2011
Muse, KirkUS IL: Why Would Sacia Oppose Medical Marijuana?Journal Standard, The (Freeport, IL)Thu, 06 Jan 2011
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Drugs And Gangs Go Hand In HandEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Tue, 04 Jan 2011
Muse, KirkUS NC: Metaphorical War On Drugs Cannot Be WonAsheville Citizen-Times (NC)Sat, 01 Jan 2011
Muse, KirkUS SC: Regulating Pot Would Help Fight Against HardFree Times (SC)Wed, 29 Dec 2010
Muse, KirkAustralia: Hurdles on the Road to DecriminalisationSydney Morning Herald (Australia)Tue, 28 Dec 2010
Muse, KirkUS AL: The Right to Self-MedicationAnniston Star (AL)Fri, 24 Dec 2010
Muse, KirkCN BC: Switzerland Found a Way to Deal With HeroinVancouver Sun (CN BC)Sun, 26 Dec 2010
Muse, KirkUS NV: Drug ProfitsReno News & Review (NV)Thu, 16 Dec 2010
Muse, KirkUS CA: Drug AddledLos Angeles Times (CA)Wed, 08 Dec 2010
Muse, KirkUS MT: Stop The Nanny StateFlathead Beacon, The (Kalispell, MT)Sun, 05 Dec 2010
Muse, KirkUS CO: Re-Legalize CannabisBoulder Weekly (CO)Wed, 24 Nov 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Keep Marijuana Morality To YourselfArizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ)Sat, 20 Nov 2010
Muse, KirkUS AL: A Prohibition-caused ProblemAnniston Star (AL)Mon, 08 Nov 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Legalize Pot, And Tax Another Vice!Tucson Weekly (AZ)Thu, 28 Oct 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Self-Medication Should Be A RightEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Wed, 27 Oct 2010
Muse, KirkUS CA: Alcohol Is More DangerousAnderson Valley Post (CA)Wed, 20 Oct 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Pain Sufferer's Options Go From Bad To WorseDaily Courier (Prescott, AZ)Tue, 05 Oct 2010
Muse, KirkUS CA: Another ViewMerced Sun-Star (CA)Wed, 06 Oct 2010
Muse, KirkUS FL: End Prohibition, End The CartelsPensacola News Journal (FL)Tue, 28 Sep 2010
Muse, KirkUS CA: It's About FreedomSan Francisco Chronicle (CA)Wed, 22 Sep 2010
Muse, KirkUS OR: Any Tobacco Cartels?Albany Democrat-Herald (OR)Tue, 07 Sep 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Marijuana: Keep People ComfortableEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Wed, 01 Sep 2010
Muse, KirkUS CA: On MarijuanaPasadena Star-News, The (CA)Mon, 23 Aug 2010
Muse, KirkUS IL: Marijuana Helped Dying FriendJournal Standard, The (Freeport, IL)Thu, 12 Aug 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ Keep City Safe, Don't Create CrimeEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Sun, 08 Aug 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Legaling Would Diminish DemandEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Fri, 06 Aug 2010
Muse, KirkUS IL: Re-Legalize MarijuanaChicago Sun-Times (IL)Fri, 06 Aug 2010
Muse, KirkUS MT: Locally Grown Pot Better Than Black MarketMissoulian (MT)Thu, 29 Jul 2010
Muse, KirkUS AK: Metaphorical Wars Are UnwinnableJuneau Empire (AK)Wed, 28 Jul 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Marijuana Just Makes More SenseKingman Daily Miner (AZ)Fri, 09 Jul 2010
Muse, KirkUS UT: Local Marijuana Plants Keep Prices LowStandard-Examiner (UT)Fri, 02 Jul 2010
Muse, KirkUS FL: Prohibition LessonNews-Press (Fort Myers, FL)Thu, 01 Jul 2010
Muse, KirkUS NJ: Legalizing Medical PotTimes, The (Trenton, NJ)Tue, 29 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS IL: Fast Food Causes More ProblemsDaily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)Mon, 28 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS CA: What Works in the Netherlands Can Work HereNew Times (San Luis Obispo, CA)Wed, 23 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS VA: Why No Murders Over Caffeine Or Nicotine?Culpeper Star-Exponent (VA)Tue, 22 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS CA: Buy Locally, Think GloballyNew Times (San Luis Obispo, CA)Thu, 17 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: War On Drugs: Supply And Demand Still HighEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Fri, 18 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Marijuana Has Not Killed AnyoneVerde Independent (AZ)Mon, 14 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS MT: Medical Marijuana: Consider Law's Impact OnMontana Standard (Butte, MT)Thu, 10 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: At Least The Pot Is LocalBoulder Weekly (CO)Thu, 10 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Medical Pot Is A Safer OptionArizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ)Wed, 09 Jun 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Legalize Marijuana: It's About FreedomEast Valley Tribune (AZ)Wed, 19 May 2010
Muse, KirkUS PA: Pain Patient Backs Medical Use Of PotTimes Leader (Wilkes-Barre, PA)Thu, 13 May 2010
Muse, KirkCN AB: Poppy ProfusionCalgary Herald (CN AB)Mon, 10 May 2010
Muse, KirkCanada: Giving Addicts Drugs Makes SenseNational Post (Canada)Wed, 05 May 2010
Muse, KirkUS AZ: Legalizing Drugs Leads to Lower Drug-use RatTucson Weekly (AZ)Wed, 28 Apr 2010

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