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Cannabis Headlines

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The list below contains facts about Marijuana, un-altered FACTS. Rest assured that the people who love the hobby of smoking marijuana will fight till the end to dispel the curtain of shame the media has cast on us.

Features: Membership, Research, News
Last-modified: Wed Sep 6 2017
URL: http://www.abovetheignorance.org

Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia

Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia - ADCA - is the peak, national, non-government organisation representing the interests of the Australian alcohol and other drugs sector, providing a national voice for people working to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs.

Features: Policy, Publications, Press Releases, Search Engine, Membership, Research, Mailing List(s), News
Last-modified: 500 - Tue May 5 2020
URL: http://www.adca.org.au/


The AmbitiousAddict encourages communication, debate and cooperation among the world's responsible drug users. It does this through forums, volunteerism and the publication of users' works.

Features: News, Commentary, Policy, Search Engine, Merchandise
Last-modified: Wed 14 Oct 2009
URL: http://www.ambitiousaddict.com/

American Civil Liberties Union : Drug Policy

The ACLU opposes criminal prohibition of drugs. Not only is prohibition a proven failure as a drug control strategy, but it subjects otherwise law-abiding citizens to arrest, prosecution and imprisonment for what they do in private.

Features: Policy, Publications, Press Releases, Search Engine, Newsletter, Forum, News
Last-modified: Tue 05 May 2020
URL: http://www.aclu.org/drugpolicy/

American Drug War: The Last White Hope

The War on Drugs has become the longest and most costly war in American history, the question has become, how much more can the country endure? Inspired by the death of four family members from 'legal drugs' Texas filmmaker Kevin Booth sets out to discover why the drug war has become such a big failure.

Features: Policy, History, Merchandise, Audio/Video
Last-modified: 500 - Tue May 5 2020
URL: http://www.AmericanDrugWar.com/

Americans for Safe Access

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is an aggressive media and grassroots campaign designed to force Attorney General Ashcroft and the Bush Administration to back off its anti-medical marijuana campaign and to grant states the right to choose and govern medical marijuana laws.

Features: Press Releases, News
Last-modified: Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://www.safeaccessnow.org/

SupportedAnnual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival

Features: Speakers
Last-modified: Tue Sep 19 2017
URL: http://madisonhempfest.com/

Anti-drugwar Arsenal

The best and most complete collection of data, graphs, charts, tables, analysis and commentary on every possible thing related to the war on drugs. New sections to accomodate historical media coverage.

Features: Commentary, History, Research, News
Last-modified: Sat 27 Aug 2016
URL: http://www.briancbennett.com/pagelist.htm

SupportedArkansas NORML

The Arkansas chapter of NORML is a citizen action group. It is an official affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. As such it is one of more than a hundred local chapters throughout the nation and world.

Features: Merchandise, Membership, Audio/Video, Newsletter
Last-modified: Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://arknorml.org/

SupportedBC Marijuana Party

The BC Marijuana Party recognizes the supremacy of the individual over the state. We believe that this condition is best protected by each individuals’ right to in life, liberty, and property. We further purport the principle of self-ownership. This right guarantees individuals full control over their bodies. This means that each individual has the right to decide what does, and does not, enter their bodies. And, accordingly, each individual is responsible for their bodies and those substances they choose to put in their bodies.

Features: Policy, Press Releases, Merchandise, Membership, Mailing List(s), Chat, Forum, News
Last-modified: 500 - Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://bcmarijuanaparty.com/

Benefits of Marijuana

This book – a one of a kind tribute to the Divinity within The Marijuana Plant – is a brilliant scientific treatise aimed at the average reader, demonstrating the far-reaching benefits for body, mind and spirit to be derived from this ancient therapeutic herb.

Features: Publications, Merchandise
Last-modified: Mon Dec 4 2017
URL: http://www.benefitsofmarijuana.com/

SupportedBloc Pot

Promote the decriminalisation of marijuana possesion and culture in the province of Quebec. There are many possible strategies available to enact this policy without breaching our constitutional limitations because the provincial government is in charge of administering justice within its boundaries.

Features: Mailing List(s), Forum, Policy, Membership
Last-modified: Mon 05 Mar 2018
URL: http://www.blocpot.qc.ca/

Brian C. Bennett

Homepage of truth: the anti-drugwar, a website offering data, statistics, charts and analysis to help put an end to America's drugwar. Only official U.S. Government data is used to counter the arguments made by the prohibitionists behind America's longest running, costliest and dumbest war. It's time to stand up and put an end to this nonsense -- forever!

Features: Commentary, History, Research
Last-modified: Sat 27 Aug 2016
URL: http://www.briancbennett.com

Calgary 420 Cannabis Community

Calgary based cannabis community for ALL cannabis consumers.

Features: History, Merchandise, Audio/Video, Chat, Forum, News
Last-modified: Mon 05 Mar 2018
URL: http://Calgary420.ca/

SupportedCalifornia NORML

Features: Policy, Search Engine, History, Mailing List(s), News
Last-modified: Mon 05 Mar 2018
URL: http://canorml.org/

SupportedCanadian Cannabis Coalition

Dedicated to facilitating access to a safe supply of cannabis through research, education and advocacy.

Features: Commentary, Press Releases, Membership, Research, Newsletter, Mailing List(s), Chat, Forum, News
Last-modified: Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://cannabiscoalition.ca/

SupportedCanadian Marijuana Party

The Marijuana Party of Canada's political platform is to end prohibition of cannabis.

Features: Membership, Speakers, Mailing List(s), Forum, News, Press Releases
Last-modified: Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://www.marijuanaparty.org/

SupportedCannabis Consumers Campaign

The goal of the Cannabis Consumers Campaign is to create public policy changes by: 1) dispelling the myths and negative stereotypes that perpetuate marijuana prohibition and all its harsh consequences and 2) providing a more positive and accurate image of adults who consume cannabis.

Features: Policy, Membership, Audio/Video, News
Last-modified: Tue Mar 27 2012
URL: http://cannabisconsumers.org/

Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture Magazine: Marijuana and Hemp from Around the World.

Features: Search Engine, History, Merchandise, Speakers, Mailing List(s), Chat, Forum, News, Commentary, Publications
Last-modified: Mon Mar 5 2018
URL: http://www.cannabisculture.com/

SupportedCannabis Facts for Canadians

Cannabis facts for all Canadians

Features: Policy, Search Engine, History, Research, News
Last-modified: Thu Feb 13 2014
URL: http://cannabisfacts.ca/

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