MAP Media Activism Center
DrugSense Virtual Conference Room
As part of our Media Activism Project, DrugSense is renting a place on the web which allows up to 25 people to gather and discuss drug policy reform - our virtual DrugSense/MAP conference room. This premium, web-based chatroom allows visitors to not only type messages but also talk to each other using microphones!

We use our room for media training sessions, staff meetings, brainstorming, activism planning, and, yes - some recreational use may occur.

This document is divided into two parts:
1) Howto SETUP Paltalk Software
2) Howto ACCESS DrugSense/Map Room

1) Howto SETUP Paltalk Software:

Paltalk Messenger is the software used to access our room. It is available as freeware and we recommend all users download and install version 7.

Paltalk is a windows program and will also run on Mac OS 9 or OSX with Microsoft Virtual PC software or open source OpenOSX WinTel for Mac OSX.

Follow the instructions on the Paltalk download page to download and install Paltalk Messenger:
Paltalk Download page:

Microsoft Virtual PC software available at this address:

OpenOSX WinTel for Mac OSX software available at this address:

2) Howto ACCESS DrugSense/Map Room:

To Access our room from your computer:

  • Open Paltalk Software and Login
  • Click the Chat Rooms tab:
  • Click the Rooms button:
  • Click the Social Issues and Politics from the Category List:
  • This will bring up the listing of rooms on the right hand side of the screen.
    Click Government and Politics on the right-hand side of the screen to expand this listing:
  • RIGHT click the DrugSense MAP room and click join room from the popup menu to bring up the login in screen.
    Note: Double Clicking will also work
  • Type welcome-pal at the Room Password prompt and click the OK button
  • Welcome to our Virtual Conference Room!
  • Please visit our room schedule for future events.