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Ryan, RobertUS MD: Government Misguided in war against drugsThu, 04 Dec 1997
Ryan, Robert R.US MD: Drug War Miserable FailureTue, 07 Oct 1997
Ryan, RobertUS OH: On Drug War, Plan A Will Never SucceedCincinnati Enquirer (OH)Sun, 27 Nov 2005
Ryan, Robert R.US OH: Real 'Ick' Factor Isn't Pot, but Hatred andCincinnati Enquirer (OH)Wed, 01 Jul 2015
Ryan, RobertUS OH: Drug BillCincinnati Post (OH)Thu, 29 Apr 2004
Ryan, RobUS MD: Marijuana Not Deadly, Does Have Medical UseDaily Times, The (MD)Wed, 27 Mar 2002
Ryan, RobertUS MD: Government Pushes Marijuana MisinformationDaily Times, The (MD)Tue, 09 Sep 1997
Ryan, RobertUS OH: Why Do We Jail People for Using Marijuana toPlain Dealer, The (Cleveland, OH)Sat, 24 Oct 2009
Ryan, RobertUS MD: Witch Hunt of the 90'sSalisbury News and Advertiser (MD)Wed, 24 Dec 1997
Ryan, Robert R.US MD: Some Questions for Congressman Gilchrest (RMSalisbury News and Advertiser (MD)Thu, 23 Oct 1997
Ryan, RobUS MD: Education, More Dialogue Needed On DrugThe Baltimore Sun (MD)Wed, 13 Jan 1999
Ryan, RobUS MD: It Is Time To Re-Evaluate What We Are DoingThe Salisbury News & Advertiser (MD)Thu, 29 Jul 1999

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