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Muse, KirkUS NJ: Lisa's Column On Marijuana Hit The MarkDaily Journal, The (NJ)Mon, 03 Nov 2003
Fraser, RonaldUS NJ: Budget Buster - Prison Inmates Cost $72 A DaDaily Journal, The (NJ)Thu, 06 Mar 2003
Wooldridge, HowardUS NJ: Retired Officer: Legalize And Regulate PotDaily Journal, The (NJ)Wed, 05 Mar 2003
Sharpe, RobertUS NJ: Protect U.S. From Terrorism, Not MarijuanaDaily Journal, The (NJ)Wed, 05 Mar 2003
Sutcliffe, JoshUS NJ: John Ashcroft Wrong To Focus On Drug WarDaily Journal, The (NJ)Thu, 06 Mar 2003

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