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Rose, Harvey L.US CA: (4) Painful War On DrugsSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 23 Jan 2001
Brandenburg, EldonUS CA: 2 'Pot Puffers'Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 18 Aug 2001
Lloyd, James A.US CA: 2 Dollars For The TalibanSacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 11 Oct 2001
US CA: 2 Two Views On 'Three Strikes'Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 03 Apr 1999
Thorley, RobertUS CA: 3 Proposition 36Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 21 Oct 2000
McGee, BobUS CA: 3 The Humanity Of A Drug AddictSacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 25 Apr 2002
US CA: 3 Hazardous Drugs, Drug War Casualties, andSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 4 Oct 1998
Roddy, EmilyUS CA: 4 PUB LTE, 1 LTE: Medicinal MarijuanaSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 27 May 2001
US CA: 5 Ashcroft's WarSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 24 Nov 2001
Lev, JoeUS CA: 5 Crime-Fighting PrioritiesSacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 20 Sep 1999
Smith, RobertUS CA: 5 Recovering AddictsSacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 24 Jun 2002
US CA: PUB LTE's: School Drug PoliciesSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 31 Mar 1998
Jackson, EvanUS CA: 'Narco-Terrorists'Sacramento Bee (CA)Wed, 27 Aug 2003
Duerr, JeffUS CA: 'Smoking' vs 'Using' MarijuanaSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 15 Aug 2010
Bergstrom, JayUS CA: 'The Scourge Of Prohibition'Sacramento Bee (CA)Wed, 15 Jun 2005
Grover, ElizabethUS CA: (1 of 2) Medicinal MarijuanaSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 10 Jul 2004
Mertens, George L.US CA: (2 of 2) Medicinal MarijuanaSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 10 Jul 2004
US CA: (2), The U.S. Is No Longer A DemocracySacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 03 Jan 1999
Denney, GayleUS CA: 1 Of 2 Treating Drug AbuseSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 09 Jun 2000
Thorley, RobertUS CA: 1 Of 3 Proposition 36Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 21 Oct 2000
Bergstrom, JayUS CA: 2 Of 2 Treating Drug AbuseSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 09 Jun 2000
Rhodd, JerryUS CA: 2 Of 3 Proposition 36Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 21 Oct 2000
Pritchett, MarkUS CA: 3 Of 3 Proposition 36Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 21 Oct 2000
Porter, BrianUS CA: A Case Of EntrapmentSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 08 May 2011
Kemper, EdUS CA: A Pattern With GovernmentSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 11 Mar 2008
US CA: A Vote for GovernorSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 19 May 1998
Conrad, RichardUS CA: A Waste Of Federal ResourcesSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 14 Oct 2011
Backes, GlennUS CA: Addict's Sentence Too HarshSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 25 Oct 2011
Whitted, BridgetUS CA: Address Opioid EpidemicSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 06 Feb 2016
Peters, SallyUS CA: Ads Won't Stop AddictsSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 01 Nov 2011
Treece, FredUS CA: Another Course for PhelpsSacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 12 Feb 2009
Pulokas, TonyUS CA: Anti-Drug MessagesSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 29 Jan 2000
Dell'Agostino, Robert A.US CA: Beware The Out-Of-Touch FedsSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 18 Mar 2008
Archuleta, AlanUS CA: Big GovernmentSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 07 Dec 2004
Meyers, JeffUS CA: Black Market In Pot Hurts KidsSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 04 Aug 2015
Thompson, CristopherUS CA: Breton Wrong On Legal PotSacramento Bee (CA)Wed, 18 Aug 2010
Bergstrom, JayUS CA: Caged Vegetable UsersSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 19 Nov 2004
Mattiuzzi, PaulUS CA: Clear The Fumes In DavisSacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 26 Mar 2009
Perry, Kevin T.US CA: County Balks At Medical PotSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 11 Mar 2008
Mertens, George L.US CA: Crackdown Is MisguidedSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 14 Oct 2011
Alliston, DougUS CA: Crime-Fighting Priorities 1 Of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 20 Sep 1999
Konnoff, StephenUS CA: Crime-Fighting Priorities 2 Of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 20 Sep 1999
Bergstrom, JayUS CA: Crime-Fighting Priorities 3 Of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 20 Sep 1999
Tobias, RichardUS CA: Crime-Fighting Priorities 4 Of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 20 Sep 1999
Lev, JoeUS CA: Crime-Fighting Priorities 5 Of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 20 Sep 1999
Knutson, DonUS CA: Crying Over Lost Pot TourismSacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 21 Apr 2016
Sharpe, RobertUS CA: Cultural InquisitionSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 23 Mar 2014
Bergstrom, JayUS CA: Deadly War On DrugsSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 26 Sep 2003
Vigna, John G.US CA: Debating Needle GiveawaySacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 23 Aug 2005
Markuson, RichardUS CA: Decogestant Drug War SillinessSacramento Bee (CA)Wed, 07 Jun 2006
Mason, DennisUS CA: Definitions Of JusticeSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 02 May 2003
Mackintosh, HeatherUS CA: Desires Of The PeopleSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 03 Apr 1999
Alger, GeorgeUS CA: Don't Go Too Far In Restricting OpiatesSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 06 Mar 2016
Ball, JeffUS CA: Don't Over-regulate Recreational PotSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 26 Aug 2016
Collen, MarkUS CA: Drinking Too Many Brewskis?Sacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 27 Sep 2015
Kammeier, LindsayUS CA: Drop The Pretense About PotSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 31 May 2009
Mitchell, RobinUS CA: Drug Policies Are SkewedSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 02 Nov 2014
Backes, GlennUS CA: Drug Testing SchoolchildrenSacramento Bee (CA)Wed, 04 Dec 2002
Mark, KerryUS CA: Drug Testing The JudgeSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 05 Nov 2002
Johnson, ScottUS CA: Drug War CasualtiesSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 31 Mar 1998
Tobias, RichardUS CA: Drug War CynicismSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 31 Aug 2001
Bergstrom, JayUS CA: Drug War DespotSacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 23 Feb 2004
Bergstrom, JayUS CA: Drug War Eco-DangerSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 12 Mar 2005
Lais, SharynUS CA: Drug War FantasiesSacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 10 Jun 2002
Dempsey, MarkUS CA: Drug War Has Been A DisasterSacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 14 Oct 2010
Harman, Billie C.US CA: Drug War SurvivorsSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 10 Jul 2004
Bergstrom, JayUS CA: Drug War TerrorSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 23 Oct 2001
Kennedy, ValeriUS CA: Drug War VictimsSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 09 Dec 2000
US CA: Drug War Victims (4 PUB LTEs)Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 09 Dec 2000
Sproul, Gene C.US CA: Drugs And Prison CrowdingSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 19 Feb 2006
Jaynes, AmyUS CA: Drugs And SexSacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 15 Feb 2001
Bergstrom, JayUS CA: Dying In The War On DrugsSacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 06 Dec 1999
Caldwell, MarkUS CA: End HypocrisySacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 27 Feb 2009
Sharpe, RobertUS CA: End Marijuana ProhibitionSacramento Bee (CA)Wed, 10 Oct 2012
Gieringer, DaleUS CA: End Prison For Drug OffendersSacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 26 May 2011
Archuleta, AlanUS CA: End The Marijuana BanSacramento Bee (CA)Wed, 08 Apr 2009
Klaas, GeraldUS CA: Enforcing Federal Pot LawsSacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 05 Oct 2002
Vaughn, MattUS CA: Enforcing Medical Marijuana LawSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 20 Dec 2005
Newton, J. G.US CA: Feds Overzealous On PotSacramento Bee (CA)Wed, 20 Jul 2011
Paine, CarolynUS CA: Gestapo AmtrakSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 17 Jul 2001
Burch, JosephUS CA: Glad Supes Following Pot-ID LawSacramento Bee (CA)Mon, 22 Dec 2008
Barnes, BillyUS CA: Gold Rush In Pot Tax, But For Whom?Sacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 04 Feb 2016
Tobias, RichardUS CA: Hazardous DrugsSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 10 Apr 1998
US CA: Here's How To Stop Drug CartelsSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 17 May 2009
Powell, ThomasUS CA: Holder Out Of Line On Pot ShopsSacramento Bee (CA)Sun, 11 Dec 2011
Estrada, JonathanUS CA: Implement Our Medical Pot LawsSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 15 May 2007
Gray, ChrisUS CA: Interstate Commerce?Sacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 07 Dec 2004
Beahm, GreerUS CA: Is DEA Smoking Funny Cigarettes?Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 22 Dec 2007
Lowe, RonUS CA: Is Zero Tolerance The Cause Of New And More Sacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 31 Mar 1998
Harlow, EricUS CA: Jury NullificationSacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 03 Apr 2003
DeSmet, NeilUS CA: Just Common SenseSacramento Bee (CA)Fri, 27 Feb 2009
Kaiser, CurtisUS CA: Justice From A Judge - 1of 2Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 08 Mar 2003
Archuleta, AlanUS CA: Justice From A Judge - 2 of 2Sacramento Bee (CA)Sat, 08 Mar 2003
Gray, ChrisUS CA: Justice Up In Smoke - 1 of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 20 Feb 2003
Frazier, GeneUS CA: Justice Up In Smoke - 2 of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 20 Feb 2003
Cowsert, JeanUS CA: Justice Up In Smoke - 3 of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 20 Feb 2003
Turney, Michael L.US CA: Justice Up In Smoke - 4 of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 20 Feb 2003
Young, GeorgeUS CA: Justice Up In Smoke - 5 of 5Sacramento Bee (CA)Thu, 20 Feb 2003
Bradley, NateUS CA: Keeping Marijuana Illegal Damages EnvironmenSacramento Bee (CA)Wed, 18 Jul 2012
Vaughn, MattUS CA: Law Enforcement Goes To PotSacramento Bee (CA)Tue, 27 Jun 2006

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